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Restaurant open:
Saturday - Lunch till 2 pm
Sunday - Lunch till 3 pm

Saturday: Dinner

Friday Dinner: Bookings only

Mid week functions available on request

Tool Shed open:
7 days: Lunch & Dinner























































Garlic Bread $10.00
Bruschetta with tomato slices, basil pesto, balsamic & olive oil $12.00
Soup of the day (with buttered roll)   $12.00
South Melbourne Dim Sims $12.00
Fried Calamari $12.00
Local Trout from Alpine Trout Farm Noojee  
Whole Noojee Rainbow Trout $26.00
Whole Noojee Golden Trout (creamier textured fish) $26.00

Chicken Parma’s made with best quality chicken breasts & hand crumbed

Traditional (napoli, ham and cheese) $23.00
Toolshed (napoli, ham, cheese, bacon, mushroom gravy) $26.00
Aussie(napoli, cheese, bacon, egg, onion)     $26.00
Mexican (corn chipcrumbs,jalapino, salsa and sour cream) $26.00
Indian(curry tomato chutney, cheese, coconut yoghurt) $26.00
Outback (cheese,bacon, bush tomato chutney) $26.00
Portuguese (periperi sauce, cheese, bacon)  $26.00
Spanish (chorizo sausage,Spanish salsa, cheese) $26.00
Italian (napoli, proschutto, bocconcini, pesto) $26.00
Tropical (mango chutney, cheese and bacon) $26.00
Hawaiian (Napoli, ham, cheese, pineapple) $26.00
Vegetarian (vegie pattie, potato mash, napoli, cheese) $20.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice $22.00
Chicken kiev with rice and salad $24.00
Chicken thai green curry and rice $23.00
Rump steak with mushroom, kilpatrick or pepper sauce $27.00
Porterhouse steak with mushroom, kilpatrick or pepper sauce $31.00
Mixed grill (steak, 2 sausages, chop, bacon, egg, gravy) $29.00
BBQ Ribs $27.00
Lamb pot roast with mash and roasted vegetables $28.00
Pork belly with mash and vegetables $28.00
Crumbed Scallops $27.00
Garlic prawns with rice and salad      $27.00
Crumbed Calamari $22.00
Chicken schnitzel and gravy $21.00
Fried or Grilled Barramundi $23.00
Billy Burger (hamburger with the lot) and chips $16.00
Chicken and Bacon Burger and chips $15.00
Cheese Burger and chips $13.00
Chicken Caesar Salad $22.00

Vegetarian Options

Vegie Burger and Chips $15.00
Sweet and Sour Vegies and Rice $18.00
Vegetable Lasagne $20.00
Vegetable Parmagiana $20.00
Vegetable Thai green curry    $22.00

Gluten Free Menu

Rump steak served with gravy/pepper/mushroom sauce     $28.00
Porterhouse steak served with gravy/pepper/mushroom sauce


Grilled barramundi served with chips & salad/vegs  $23.00
Grilled whole trout served with chips & salad/vegs              $26.00
Pork belly served with mash and vegs $28.00
Sweet and sour chicken and rice                    $23.00
Lamb pot roast served with mash and roastvegs       $28.00
Garlic prawns and rice $27.00
Sweet and sour vegs and rice $20.00
Vegetable Thai green curry    $22.00
Mixed Grill and gravy served with chips & salad/vegs $29.00
Kids Meals  
Fish & Chips $10.00
Dim Sims & Chips $10.00
Nuggets & Chips $10.00
Battered Chicken Strips and Chips $10.00

Dessert (all home made and served with cream)   

Apple cumble  $10.00
Flourless chocolate cake (served warm with choc sauce)   $10.00
Sticky date pudding with caramel sauce $10.00
Cheese cake of the day           $10.00
Tea $4.00

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai, Chamomile, peppermint, Lemongrass and Ginger, China Jasmine, Green

Short Black, Ristretto, Macchiato, Latte -    (Cup) $4.00
Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate -                      (Mug) $4.50
Soft Drinks  
Soft drink $3.00
Mineral Water / Juices $4.00
Jug of soft drink $12.00
Extra Sauces $3.00
Please note: all cakes brought into the restaurant will incur a $1.50 per head cost.
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